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Porter Huddleston is a current semi-finalist in The OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction and a current semi-finalist in The Paranormal Book Awards for Supernatural Fiction. He is the grand prize winner of the 2019 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, a finalist in The 47th New Millennium Award for Nonfiction, and an emerging author of light fantasy novels (El On Earth, Fab 28), short fiction (A View of Bea BentonThe Son You Bore for This, Dark Parade, Surfers of Golgarten), flash fiction (Tillamook, Polarized, Last Look, Sticks, Failed State), and creative nonfiction (In a Yellow Wood, The Foundation Above Us, A Kind of Refuge, Whispering to Our Sons, Man on the Cairo Train). He was awarded Honorable Mention by the Writers of The Future Contest (Q3 2018) for his short fantasy Goodhenge, as well as Honorable Mention in the 86th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition for his personal essay Prattsville

His debut fantasy and paranormal fiction novel El On Earth (unpublished) has been called “utterly unforgettable” by Writer’s Digest, a work reminiscent of “Hitchcock scenes being shot in the play of light, dark and shadow. Very well done.” Early reviews call it “visually haunting and desperately moving.” A potent literary blend of fantasy and paranormal fiction, El On Earth weaves “mysterious, deep, symbolic storytelling” into the “intricate layers of a well-woven plot, the kind that makes you forget you are reading a story and start seeing images in your head rather than words on a page.” The result is a well-balanced debut work, powerfully emotional, imbued with “unforgettable scenes” and an “engrossing narrative.”

As a boy, Huddleston's father insisted he supplement his love of comic books with “real books,” mandating a quota of classics every summer before he was allowed to disappear into the world of superheroes and villains. His father’s wisdom helped forge his unique voice as a writer: equal parts raw, other worldly, poignant and fatal. Finding his place in writing and sports, he entered the University of Georgia where he worked coaching youth sports in Athens while earning his degree in Journalism and English.

Prior to dedicating himself to creative writing, he served as Creative Strategist for Intel, Managing Editor for Habitat for Humanity International, Proofreader and Business Affairs Liaison for Wieden+Kennedy, and Chief Digital Officer for Brown, Parker & DeMarinis.


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